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Sacred to the ancient cultures, Smoky Quartz symbolized the potent, deep-rooted power of the Earth Gods and Goddesses. This crystal was an essential ingredient in magician's tool kit.  Smoky quartz is extremely grounding as it draws energy down from the Crown chakra through the body to the Root Chakra.  As an amulet of protection, it can be used to guard the home, vehicles, and possessions.  It is often placed near doorways as well as in a meditation room or bedroom. 

  • Often called the “Stone of Vitality”
  • Grounds and stabilizes the energy of an individual or a space where it is placed
  • Relieves stress, anxiety and panic attacks
  • Wards off negative thinking, worry and doubt leading to a sense of calm
  • Lifts spirits and helps turn dreams into reality
  • Teaches how to leave behind anything that no longer serves you

Dimensions: H: 11" / W: 4¼
" / D: 2¾"

Weight: 3 Kg / 6.5 Lbs

Origin: Mexico



  • For nearly 15 years, Mystic Journey has offered only the highest-quality crystals and geodes.
  • Your piece has been personally selected by our Founder, Jeffrey Segal, who travels to the mines and workshops around the world to procure our crystals.
  • You will receive the exact piece you see in the pictures.  We do not substitute.
  • Your piece will ship within 48 hours of ordering.
  • We are proud to say, we have never had a complaint from an online buyer.

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