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Sparkling Apophyllite crystals bring a high vibration of joy and serenity. Ranging in color from clear to soft green, Apophyllite is a powerful healing stone that calms the nerves and soothes the heart. Clear Apophyllite is believed to promote organization and structure in day to day life and is an excellent tool for increasing inner vision and psychic ability. Reflective and bright, Apophyllite aids meditation and energy work. Many of these stones feature small inclusions of stilbite, which bring the frequency of love. Apophyllite can be used to purify the office, home, or any other environment, by placing several crystals in a harmonious pattern around the room. Crystal healers use it to improve memory and regulate body functions, soothe respiratory problems, and ease anxiety and depression.

Dimensions: H: 5" / W: 9" / D: 8"

Weight: 3.64 Kg / 8 lbs

Origin: India

SKU: BA364-B


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