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Moldavite was formed when a giant meteorite struck the earth and the heat of the impact metamorphosed the surrounding rocks.  Moldavite fuses extraterrestrial energies with Mother Earth and takes you way beyond your limits and boundaries.  It is a transformational stone, one that can “shake things up” in a person’s life.  It is a stone that can lead to insights.  It is also a stone that can promote vivid dreams and astral travel.  Used since the Stone Age as a talisman and amulet for good fortune and fertility, this is a stone of the New Age which brings you into communication with your higher self, Ascended Masters and cosmic messengers.  

  • Often called the “Stone of Metamorphosis” 
  • Accelerates spiritual growth
  • Assists in moving one into their future
  • Aids in detaching from security issues such and money and worries about the future
  • Helps to understand reasons for incarnating and integrating into an earthly life

Dimensions: H: 1” / W: ½” / D: ¼” 

Weight: 5.95 gr / 0.01 lbs

Origin: Indonesia

SKU: MP59-1


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