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Amethyst has been highly prized since ancient times for its stunning beauty & legendary powers to soothe the energies of the mind and emotions.  It brings a calming, tranquil vibration to any space.

  • Often called the “Stone of Peace” or “Stone of Serenity”
  • Assists in calming fears & reducing anxiety
  • Opens intuition & strengthens psychic awareness
  • Stimulates meditation & inspires higher states of consciousness
  • Promotes the uplifting of one’s mood & spirit
  • Encourages the energies of sobriety & prevention in overindulgence


    H: 10” / W: 2½” / D: 2”

    Weight: 0.6 Kg / 1.3 Lbs
    * Size & Shape may vary slightly*

    Origin: Brazil

    SKU: ATP60


    • For nearly 15 years, Mystic Journey has offered only the highest-quality crystals and geodes.
    • Your piece has been personally selected by our Founder, Jeffrey Segal, who travels to the mines and workshops around the world to procure our crystals.
    • Your piece will ship within 48 hours of ordering.
    • We are proud to say, we have never had a complaint from an online buyer.

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