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Named after the founding benefactor of the Smithsonian Institution, the mineralogist James Smithson, this rare crystal manifests in a full rainbow spectrum of colors, but most notable is its extraordinary blue green turquoise. Affixing itself between the Heart & Throat Chakras, this hue of Smithsonite is venerated for its gentle heart healing and harmonious energies.

  • Often called the “Stone of Tranquility”
  • Promotes enchanting, tranquil energies
  • Encourages gentle clearing & release of anger, fear, pain
  • Assists with the understanding of metaphysical experiences
  • Offers balance to the etheric & emotional bodies & eases trepidation
  • Awakens gracious, tactful leadership qualities when necessary  

    Dimensions: H: 4" / W: 1¼" / D: 1¼"

    Weight: 0.2 Kg / 0.5 Lbs

    Origin: Pakistan

    SKU: SMTOB22


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