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Fluorite forms in cubic crystals in a wide array of colors, appearing in both visible and ultraviolet light. Fluorite gets its name from the Latin word fluo, which means a flow of water, but is also associated with the element of Air. Fluorite encourages an energy of focus, clarity, and concentration, while discouraging stagnant, confusing, chaotic or negativity energy. Fluorite holds the space for one to remain calm and centered in their energies, even during intense or difficult phases. This stone is very effective in protecting one’s aura and atmosphere from computer and other electromagnetic stress. We love keeping any variety of Fluorite on our desk, in our office, or anywhere we like to study and learn.  

Dimensions: ~L: 5” / W: 1½" / D: 1¼"

Weight: ~0.23 Kg / 0.5 Lbs

Origin: China

(*Size & Pattern may vary slightly)



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