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Larimar was officially discovered in 1974 in the Baoruco Mountains of the Dominican Republic.  Larimar gets its incredibly unique coloring from the inclusion of copper within Pectolite (otherwise only found in shades of grey & white).  It’s profoundly soothing, harmonizing & joyful qualities make it a highly prized stone.  Associated with the elements of both Water & Fire, it invites calming & purifying energies into any space.

  • Often called the “Atlantis Stone” or “Dolphine Stone”
  • Assists one in sharing their truest emotions
  • Symbolizes the free flow of energy, restoration & evolution
  • Encourages the release of self-destructive behaviors & beliefs
  • Inspires the capacity to cope with & heal from traumas

Dimensions: H: ¾" / W: 1½" / D: ¼"

Weight: 0.06 Kg / 0.13 Lbs

Origin: Dominican Republic



  • For nearly 15 years, Mystic Journey has offered only the highest-quality crystals and geodes.
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