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Citrine is most often associated with prosperity and plentitude.  This applies to all aspects of life, as well as to life in general.  When Kaolinite is present with Citrine, the crystal takes on powerful cleansing and detoxifying properties that can help transmute and purify negative energies in the physical body, the auric body and the surrounding environment.  A Citrine crystal with Kaolinite present if perfect for a meditation room, a bedroom as well as any area where people meet.  These qualities allow it to mix beautifully within the Citrine crystal to create a soft, wispy, etheric aesthetic that is not like anything found in any other crystal. This combination mineral is so rare, that it has only been found in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

  • Awakens an innate desire for evolution & change
  • Promotes the grounding of energies, particularly Spiritual
  • Encourages the calm expression of one’s natural wisdom
  • Inspires action in eliminating challenges & destructive behaviors
  • Assists in the actualization of creative endeavors & personal will
  • Symbolizes abundance & the activation of all the Chakras

     Dimensions: H: 11" / W: 6½” / D: 5”

    Weight: 8.18 kg  / 18 Oz

    Country: Brazil

    SKU: NCP818


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