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Rose Quartz is one of the most common varieties of the Quartz family. It’s color ranges from very pale pink to deep reddish pink, which is due to trace amounts of titanium, iron, or manganese. Rose quartz beads dating back to 7000 BC have been found in the area once known as Mesopotamia (today’s Iraq). Rose Quartz jewelry, talismans and amulets were worn and used by ancient Assyrian, Roman, Egyptian, Greek, and early American civilizations. It is often referred to as the “Stone of Love” or the “Heart Stone”, and can invite and stimulate the energies of love, romance, harmony, and happiness. Rose Quartz promotes the energies of self-love, personal contentment, and openness with both giving and receiving. A soft, peaceful, and comforting crystal, it gently instills healing and forgiveness energy into one’s space. We encourage placing Rose Quartz in any environment, especially where some extra love is needed.

Dimensions: H: 16” / W: 8” / D: 3”

Weight: 10.46 Kg / 23 Lbs

Origin: Brazil

SKU: RQF1046


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