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Selenite is a soft form of transparent gypsum. The name Selenite comes from the Greek word selēnitēs, meaning moonstone or stone of the moon. Being associated with the moon, it also encourages one to connect deeper to their own subconscious energies and currents. It clears the energy in one’s surroundings and reactivates inert or stale energetic blocks that exist within the layers of one’s aura. Selenite also clears  and stimulates the energy of other stones, minerals and crystals and is often utilized in crystal grids. Inspiring clarity of the mind, and a peaceful and calm energetic state of being, it is a wonderful stone to have as a partner in meditation. Illuminating the energies of harmony, honesty, truth and compassionate communication, we also love having it in our living room or office. Placing Selenite in the four corners of the home, or in each window of the home, encourages the dispelling of negative energy and the welcoming of protective energy.

Dimensions:  ~ H: 5.5” / W: 18.5” / D: 5.5”

(Size and Shape May Vary Slightly)



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